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    Power-Love-Hatred-Soul-Destruction are some of the words used to describe the music brought forth by ITC.

    In late 2003 Greg Belkiewicz (aka Drugged_Killer) and Scott Jackson (aka Connie Chung) started to construct what would later be known as the International Terrorist Coalition. With visions in mind of a brutal musical project, they set out to find the missing pieces of the puzzle. The two of them found a bass player/vocalist in Bob Simpson later to be known as Huel Perkins. Then Bob had to move so we had to find another bassist and vocalist. Early in 2005 the band made an effort to try out John Taft (aka Jonnie Bisco) as bassist, also the drummer of Smack Madam, and to everyones surprise John fit in perfect, and the circle was becoming closer to complete.

    After a couple of missed attempts for a lead vocalist, the group knew it was closer to being a force to be reckoned with. With Drugged's pounding thunderous beats, Connies blazing and blood wrenching guitar riffs, and Jonnies thunderous bass lines, all that was missing was the voice of I.T.C.
    Late in 2005 the band tried out friend and musician James Behnke (aka Chains). With high hopes in mind after just a couple of practices together the new soul stabbing soul grabbing voice of I.T.C. was now here, the circle was now complete.

    Writing new material and playing show after show the band looks forward to getting music out to all. I.T.C. is definitely a metal goring force to be reckoned with.


Lead vocals:Chains (James Behnke)
Guitar: Connie Chung (Scott Jackson)
Bass/b-Vocals: Jonnie Bisco (John Taft)
Drums/b-Vocals: Drugged_Killer (Greg Belkiewicz)

Greg 810-650-2439